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Chaplaincy - Pastoral Care

In 2017 RESC joined the Youth-Care Chaplaincy Program as a pastoral care initiative for students, families & staff. The program has been a resounding success. Chaplains Lisa Ferraro and Jackie Creelman have established an effective and generous rapport with students and staff, contributing to individual, family-carer and community health and wellbeing.

The Department of Education acknowledges school chaplains make a valuable contribution to the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of school communities across Western Australia. This might include support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships and helping students engage with the broader community. They are a valued member of the school’s pastoral care team.

The School Chaplaincy Program is voluntary and is supported by the school’s governing body and community. Parents and students can choose if they wish to participate in the program. The nature of the chaplaincy service provided at Riverside is non-denominational.

Chaplains must:

  • not proselytise
  • respect, accept and be sensitive to other people’s views, values and beliefs
  • comply with State laws and policies in relation to child protection matters
  • meet the minimum qualification requirements.

Our chaplains regularly attend the school, visiting classroom teachers and calling upon the Principal and Deputy Principal to discuss referrals and areas of progress. In addition, parents may see either the classroom teacher or school Admin to request contact with the Chaplain.  Anecdotal responses from parents and carers indicate the program and pastoral intervention is very well received.

"I find RESC a positive engaging learning environment where the emphasis is on providing specialised meaningful experiences and programs for the children. All staff members work hard to ensure that every child is nurtured and supported to be the best they can be. I am privileged to be a part of the RESC community and look forward to continuing my work with the children, staff and families."  Lisa Ferraro, Chaplain

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