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Principals' Message 2023

Greetings to all members of the Riverside Schools community and to online inquirers visiting our website for the first time. Since Riverside Education Support Centre opened in 1995, we have excelled at the provision of education for a diverse range of students and 2023 will see us continuing to strive for excellence in support of every single student.

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Principals' Message 2022

Hello to our school community and visiting guests, welcome to the 2022 school year at Riverside Education Support Centre. Since the school first opened in 1995, we have excelled at the provision of education for a diverse range of students and this year will see more of the same.

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RESC with starRiverside ESC humbly receives and shares with you a selection of the many expressions of appreciation for our professionalism, staff and programs. It is our privilege to serve this community as educators and mentors of your children, equipping them with choice, ability and a strong sense of well-being.

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Enrolment Map

Riverside Education Support Centre receives enrolments throughout the year for classes ranging from Kindergarten through Pre-Primary to Year 6. All students who meet the enrolment criteria are welcomed. Unlike the enrolment boundaries that apply to public schools, the only distance limitations for enroling at Riverside ESC are those imposed by transportation practicalities.

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Tertiary Support Program

Riverside Education Support Centre has a long history of providing opportunity to trainee teachers and education assistants to learn from our qualified staff and team-based program development.

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In Summary

Riverside ESC’s emphasis throughout the educational journey is on shared learning: the children, the family and education staff learn from each other and together we make progress that ultimately benefits each and every child.

Riverside Education Support Centre offers classes ranging from Kindergarten through Year 6. Children qualify to attend Riverside ESC after being assessed for any of the following:

  • Intellectual Disability diagnosed by a psychologist and according to the DSM5 Criteria
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder with identified High Educational Needs
  • Global Developmental Delay (when diagnosed in the 12 months preceding Kindy enrolment)
  • Severe Mental Health disorder in some instances (please contact the Principal for details around this criteria)
  • Some complex physical conditions may be eligible and should be discussed with the Principal for guidance.

Enrolments at Riverside ESC are not restricted by the enrolment boundaries that apply to mainstream public schools (see map of enrolment locations). Classes are generally composite, made up of children at different year levels. Our classes take into consideration varying learning abilities, behavioural challenges and requirements for hygienic and medical support, enabling the best possible distribution of teacher and staff resources.

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Our Story


This year has commenced with an enrolment of 82 students, the school's highest start-up enrolment in 28 years. We continue with 10 classrooms.


74 students were enrolled for Semester One (March 2022). Halfway through Semester two that number has grown to 80 students. New enrolment inquiries continue to be received on a regular basis, including from overseas.

The staff carpark expansion is a major asset improvement which was completed for the start of this year. Of benefit to the whole community, the expansion provides for safer carparking for staff while de-congesting street parking for parents and carers. A win for everyone.


Two years ago, Riverside ESC grew to 8 classrooms. This year, we are starting with 10 classrooms and an expanded team of teachers to educate 73 students. Our parent commendations depict some of the reasons for this continued growth.


Starting the year with a record startup enrolment of 70 confirmed students, that number has climbed to 76 as families seek out the professionalism and care that epitomises Riverside ESC. This is the year when COVID-19 impacted attendance. We are awed by the capacity of our students and staff who responded to adversity with flawless professionalism, enhanced creativity and good humour.

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Annual Report and Reviews


As part of the compliance requirements set by the WA Department of Education (DoE) for Independent Public Schools, Riverside Education Support Centre undergoes regular whole-school reviews. The Department consider school efficiencies in the areas of Relationships and Partnerships, Learning Environment, Leadership, Use of Resources, Teaching Quality, and Student Achievement and Progress.

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Parent Surveys

Riverside ESC is committed to a journey of continuous improvement across all aspects of the school. Regular surveys of parents and carers, conducted as a voluntary activity, helps to monitor and strengthen that commitment while also satisfying our governing requirements as an Independent Public School.

The 2023 Annual Survey, summarised below, has yielded valuable information that will be incorporated into future planning. 

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Business Plan 2020-2022 (Updated 2021)

Strategic Planning at Riverside Education Support Centre responds to many influences, the most important being the identified learning capabilities of our student cohort. They are our 'treasure' and we invest everything possible into their wellbeing and development within the framework of an independent public school in Western Australia.

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School Board and P&C

Riverside ESC School Board

October 2023 marked the commencement of a new instrument of governance for our school. Previously serviced by a combined schools board, it emerged over the last twelve months that Riverside ESC would be better served by its own unique board.  This led to an inaugural meeting of the newly formed board on October 26.

The School Board meets regularly to maintain an overview of operations for our school in accordance with Department of Education expectations and guidelines. Its activities are further guided by newly adopted Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct. Amongst other tasks it acts as a responsible partner in the planning, monitoring and reviewing of school priorities and policies.

The School Board also sets and approves annual voluntary contributions, personal items lists and endorses the schools’ development plans.

The elected chairperson for 2023-2025 is Mandurah East Ward Councillor Mr. Daniel Wilkins  (mandurah.wa.gov.au/council/about-council/mayor-and-councillors). He is supported by a team of elected community, parent and staff representatives, all of who will be introduced to the school community via this website.

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Parents and Citizens Association

The Riverside Primary Schools P&C Association (RSP&C) is the parent representative body of both Riverside Primary School and Riverside Education Support Centre. The RSP&C invites parents and carers of the whole school community to get involved in its activities. 

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School Board Mandate

School Board

Riverside Schools is a combined board between Riverside Primary School and Riverside Education Support Centre. It is comprised of community, parent and staff representing both schools with a holistic focus. Members are nominated and elected for a 3 year term.

Roles and Responsibilities of School Boards

The role of a school council (board) is outlined in the School Education Act 1999. In essence, the role of school board is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school’s operation. It is not about running the school – that is the job of the principal. It is about providing additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for the students.

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Riverside Primary School

Riverside Education Support Centre partners with Riverside Primary School (RPS) to provide an integrated learning environment for children of all abilities.

Contact RPS for information about enrolments and programs via their website at riversideps.wa.edu.au or by calling 08 9583 2400 during school office hours.

What's New

  • Mandurah Celebrates International Day of People with Disability

    The City of Mandurah invites you to come and celebrate the leadership and contribution of local people with disability and together build a more inclusive community. There is a wonderful program of events from November 30 right through to December 8.

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  • School Uniform - Extended Trading Hours This Summer

    The school uniform supplier Perm-a-Pleat has extended its trading hours to assist parents to purchase uniforms before the start of school on 31 January 2024.

    When you purchase your uniform, please specify you are from Riverside Education Support Centre. This will assist with better business management and support for the school, the P&C Association and families.

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  • Summary of 2023 School Parent Survey

    Riverside ESC takes part in the National School Opinion Survey every two years. Information gained is used to help make decisions on school direction and gauge school success. All families of enroled students are invited to take part in the survey, which is online and voluntary. The results of the 2023 are now available at Parent Surveys.

  • Inclusive Access to Mandurah's Christmas Experience

    The City of Mandurah's commitment to access and inclusion through the publication of Social Stories is opening up new opportunities for children with heightened sensitivities to participate in the forthcoming festive season. 

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