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Champion Life at Riverside ESC

Champion Life Image 1 2019 2 450The Champion Life program at Riverside ESC is uplifting students of Years 4, 5 and 6. The program guidelines state Champion Life empowers activity: “we believe everyone is a champion and we champion the value of fun, moderate activity for life-long health, wellbeing and a positive mindset”.

Champion Life delivers an immersive Health & Physical Education & wellbeing engagement resource for years 4,5 & 6 in primary schools and years 7 & 8 in high schools, in compliance with the Australian Curriculum for HPE. Each week students are challenged to participate in enjoyable physical and health activities. Students watch a real-life role model complete an activity and then practice and upload their own version. Students can complete their challenges alone, in pairs, as a group or even at home. Completing challenges unlocks positive messages from our real-life role models and each week delivers new and engaging challenge.

Champion Life Image 2 2019 450Program leader and teacher Rebecca Whiteley says the children really enjoy the challenge of Champion Life and being able to do something they wouldn’t normally do. “In the partnership work they have had to think hard about how they are going to help a fellow student achieve their goal. They also use iPads to record and review their performance and decide which was their best moment. The students honestly appraise their own efforts; many decide they can do better, then set about proving that to themselves.”

Miss Whiteley says the technology and tools of Champion Life are self-motivating, with the experience of achievement possible for all. The use of emoticons means every student feels communicated with, while the role of video maker contributes to feelings of empathy and understanding.

The program also provides a mechanism for children to self-manage their behaviour when a break is needed. A few minutes of activity in response to “Can I do Champion Life now?” is followed by a higher level of participation and engagement in class activities.

Almost incidentally, the students are acquiring skills and knowledge to energise their bodies and fuel their minds while becoming Champions.

Website: https://championlife.com.au