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Survey 2015 - Staff Feedback

Complementing the overwhelmingly positive Parent Survey as part of the DET 2015 School Survey, we are pleased to provide a summary of responses received from our professional staff.

Altogether 22 anonymous questionnaires were completed by teachers and education assistants. Of the total 20 questions, feedback averages 4.175 out of 5 (equivalent to 83.5% satisfaction), indicating good morale, a supportive collegiate environment and high regard for the leadership and direction of Riverside ESC.

The following table summarises all responses from all participants (20 Q's x 22 surveys = 440 responses)




Strongly Disagree






Neither Agree nor Disagree






Strongly Agree







The survey data is presented in this pdf file: Riverside ESC Staff Survey SUmmary

Although there is high overall satisfaction, a small number of staff identified some areas for improvement. The outcomes of the survey are being reviewed by the Principal and school leadership team and areas so identified are being incorporated into the staff review and professional development plans for the remainder of 2015 and 2016.

The school is appreciative of the time taken by staff to complete the survey.

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