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Calming Clothing - an idea to explore

Calming Clothing is a patented Therapeutic Clothing designed to help children with sensory processing disorders such as experienced by children with autism. 

It is also has many benefits for children with: 


  • RETT Syndrome 

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Low muscle tone

There is much anecdotal evidence from parents and occupational therapists that weight can have a quieting effect on a child with a sensory processing disorder. The Brainery, a company based in Geelong VIC., a team of enthusiastic and dedicated people who are passionate about education and learning, declares on their clothing webpage that a child wearing weighted garments may exhibit improved physical awareness and interpersonal communications. 

There are other outlets in Australia for equipment and clothing also. One example is My Diffability Australia.

Riverside ESC has not entered into any arrangement with these companies and does not promote their products or services. The informational may be of assistance to parents and carers of children with disabilities.

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