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End 2019 Planner - Lot's On

To assist families and carers of our students, we have prepared a Planner to cover the last half of Term 4. There are many events planned and while not every student will need to attend every event, a planner provides best opportunity to be prepared.

Details of events are also provided. If parents and carers require additional information please contact our shool office. To view or download the planner please click the following link: ESC Planner - Term 4, Wk 6-10.

And of course the most important dates to remeber areSchool closes for students on Thursday 19th December and Students commence Term 1 2020 on Monday 3rd February.


What's New

  • COVID-19 Update - Gates Open for Parents and Carers

    As WA continues to demonstrate success with the management of COVID-19, the State Government has authorised a relaxing of certain restrictions from today, some of which apply to our school. We welcome the opportunity to reconnect face-to-face with parents and carers, while staying mindful that the virus is not eradicated but well managed. Sound health and hygience practices must continue.

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  • Parent Session: Understanding and Managing Children's Anxiety

    Rockingham's KEYS (Kwinana Early Years Service), formed to deliver an integrated range of early years (0-12) services that will empower parents, carers and children to achieve positive life outcomes, will provide a free information session for parents and carers with children up to 12 years of age. By participating in this session, parents and guardians will be equipped to better support their children through anxious times.

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  • Noongar Season of Makuru

    There is much to learn about how our local environment responds to the changing seasons by learning more about the Noongar people's seasonal calendar. Their information is derived from the accumulated experience of more than 45,000 years of continuous living in Australia's south west. During June and July we journey through the Season of Makuru.

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  • Canteen Menu Update

    The Canteen Winter Menu (pdf file) is now online.

    For more details about the Canteen, click here.