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Unique Quilt Adds Colour to Riverside ESC

Quilt donation March 2019Riverside ESC is very pleased to receive a donation of a magnificent handmade quilt depicting a school scene in possibly a rural or outback setting. Beautifully framed and backed, the vibrant colours and familiar theme have already been welcomed by teachers and students alike, with Room 10 vying to be the first to make use of it.

The quilt was won in a local raffle by Mrs June Buchanan, who decided a school should be the end recipient, but which school? The decision was stimulated by a chance encounter with "one of our lovely students, Logan", and by the fact that June has a sister with special needs. So what better place than an education support centre to become the quilt's new home! We happily agree.

Many uses have been imagined for the quilt: enhancing classroom decor, stimulating artwork creations, support for story telling, a focus for discussions and classroom meetings, and much more.

RESC would also like to acknowledge the creator of the piece who is not known to Mrs Buchanan or ourselves, but who nevertheless has entered into our school story with her/his sense of beauty, imagination and skill. Thank you, whoever you are. 

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