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Help LeadAbility Come to Mandurah

LeadAbilityThe Disability Community of Mandurah is in a position to influence a decision to have 'LeadAbility' become a course available in our City. Have your say by completing a short online form. LeadAbility is a Leadership Course designed to develop people with disability and those in the sector, who have the potential to lead and generate change.

The LeadAbility Course is generously supported by the Department of Communities (Disability Services), who share a vision to build strong and inclusive communities. The Course builds leadership skills to enable people to become more influential, confident and effective leaders. The Course includes dynamic activities focusing on understanding leadership, effective communication, teamwork, and community. People with disability, family members, carers, and employees in the sector, are encouraged to consider applying for this Course.

The LeadAbility course would be an amazing opportunity here in Mandurah and is run by Leadership WA with years of experience behind them. The course will be available for people with disabilities, their families, support workers, and staff who work for disability providers and/or Ed Support programs.

Any one with has a lived experience of disability and who wants to take their knowledge and passion further should investigate what this course has to offer! It would be amazing to have some young people (20+) involved too. What a huge asset to our community that would be!

Completing the online form does not imply any commitment to attend the course, neither does it imply endorsement by Riverside ESC. 

To register your interest: https://www.leadershipwa.org.au/lac_peel_eoi/
For more information : https://www.leadershipwa.org.au/leadability/

Extract from the Course Brochure

LEADABILITY LEADERSHIP COURSE: LeadAbility is a free 6-day activity-based Course aimed at empowering people with disability, or those in the sector, who wish to lead and generate change.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Engaging activities, presentations, and workshops. We provide an accessible training venue and ensure the training materials and delivery style are accessible for people with a range of disabilities.


  • Project Planning
  • Communication skills
  • How to work in teams
  • What good leadership looks like

Please help the City of Mandurah qualify to host this program and SPREAD THE WORD!

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