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Principals' Update - 2018

Dear parents and carers of our student community and friends of Riverside ESC. We begin a new year of education and connecting as a vibrant and diverse school community.

Our enrolments numbers are very similar to 2017. We have 52 wonderful students in 2018, spread across classes from Kindy through to Year 6. As is typical of each school year, parents often have to reassess what is the best placement for their child, and so it is that we are welcoming of parent inquiries and new enrolments throughout the year.

2018 got off to a challenging start due to cuts in the education budget and it is unfortunate that we had to say goodbye to some of our valued team. Our staff have met the challenge head on this year and with new allocations and responsibilities we are managing very well indeed. We have a mixture of full-time and part-time roles, equivalent to 38.7 full time staff.

In 2015 we were audited by the Department of Education’s Independent Public Schools inspection team, a procedure that occurs every three years, and we were shown to be an exemplary school, with only a small number of recommendations arising that helped us to do some things just that little bit better. The Department has signalled their intention to conduct a review again this year, date yet to be advised, and we look forward to sharing the results with you.

2018 is also a year earmarked for a survey of parents and carers of our school, something we do every two years. Survey forms will be made available later this year and again the results will be shared. You might like to look at past surveys should you wish to recommend Riverside ESC to friends or others in the Mandurah and surrounding community. Click here for parent surveys for 2015 and 2016. They speak for themselves about the morale and respect of our parent and carer community for the school: Riverside ESC is a good choice - highly regarded, professional in matters of education and management, and well placed to support and teach children with high educational needs.

We remind you, as we do every year, that it is a legal requirement that your child attends school. Please feel free to contact Riverside ESC for any attendance related matters.

Although no major works are planned for 2018, there were several changes to our resources in 2017 that are contributing much to our capacity as an education support school. These include:
• A new multi-purpose toilet block
• A significantly enlarged administration block with rooms allocated for the recently appointed Deputy Principal and for the Manager of Corporate Services.
• Installation of a signed and lined ‘road’ to teach about road safety, good cycling habits and awareness.
• Installation of a sensory playground with fabulous musical experiences.

Our website continues to be a tool that supports communication with our school community and beyond. It is often the primary source of new enrolment inquiries and receives thousands of page visits every year.

In closing, we remind parents and carers our door is always open to discuss educational matters relating to your child. For our mutual convenience it is always worthwhile ringing first to set up an appointment.

All the best for 2018.

Kind Regards,

Jim Douglas, Principal                                    Tamarra Rekman, Deputy Principal